It’s Blogging Time!

As some of you may or may not know, I am Emily Rose,  Tallest Rose, or simply “Rose” as more commonly known on the Soapy Waffles forums. I am one of two admins of the Soapy Waffles organization, which means of course, I’m the big boss. Bwa ha ha, obey the fist!

-ahem- Anyhoooooo, yesterday, after a split second impulse of mine while snacking upon some chocolate ninja star cookies, I decided to create my own blog to share my musings, inside looks at stuff I’m working on for Soapy Waffles, and other random stuff that people may or may not really care about. If you enjoy reading insightful online material enriched with content, purpose, and quality… then this is NOT the place for you! But then again, maybe that’s not why you came upon this blog… hmm… suspicious…

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay here at my blog! And if you want your inbox to be bombard with my dastardly blog posts, be sure to subscribe!



One thought on “It’s Blogging Time!

  1. Im the first 2 reply, YAY!!! anyway, good luck in making your episodes and i look forward to seeing them! im a HUGE IZ fan and i wanted 2 ask, do u think that nickelodeon would put IZ as if it were a new show and have a lot of ads 4 it like 4 example, tuff puppy, or would it be a side show that comes on at like 6:00 am or just on nicktoons network? thx, jamez 😛

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