Invader Con is only DAYS away now…

…and I can tell because my nerves are SHOT. I’ve been working like a mad-girl, scrambling to pull together all of the content and event line-up for our Soapy Waffles panel. On top of it all, I’m hosting my own table at the Invader Con’s artist alley. WOO! Even though this is a lot of work, I-AM-SO-PUMPED! I cannot WAIT for the con! Especially since it’s also my 18th birthday~ I’ve never been so excited in my life! Yay~ If possible, I’m going to get Richard (voice of Zim) to sing happy birthday to me in his amaaaazing Zim voice!!! Maybe he’ll even call me a pig-smelly…-explodes with joy-

Well, that be all for now. Oh, and just a quick note to my cricket-filled audience – I won’t be frequent with blog updates until after the con. So for now, there will be minimal action here until April. Later! ^_^

-Tallest Rose, signing off



2 thoughts on “Invader Con is only DAYS away now…

  1. OMG Sarah has been telling me so much about this site! I never really had time to come on and look, but now that I have the time I will try and read as much as possible and support you all the way!

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