Oh my goodness, it’s only been Friday, and this event is ALREADY amazing beyond comprehension. Consider my mind BLOWN.

There was an exclusive VIP panel last evening for those who preregistered for tickets online, so Sarah and I got to attend. The main cast of Invader Zim voice actors all took the stage and caused our filthy human noise tubes to laugh and scream at the very site at them. Wicked.

By the way, for those who made it to the livestream last night at 9pm, well, you didn’t miss anything. The livestream didn’t work! I’m afraid our webcam was MIA (missing in action), and thus, dashed our plans for having a super awesome livestream. If possible, I’ll try to mooch a webcam off of some random pitiful fool to use for a livestream during the con. Chances are slim, but, who knows? At the very least, I’ll keep you guys up to date with what goes on each day.

Well, gotta go get registered for my artist alley table! I’ll be sure to post pics of my display later! ^_^

Tallest Rose, signing off!


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