The Convention of a Lifetime Has Officially Ended…

And now back to reality I go! Wow, where do I begin? Invader Con, beyond a doubt, was the BEST convention I have ever been to! …but of course, that’s because I had NEVER been to a convention before! Ha ha!

Later today I’ll be posting a detailed account of what went down at Invader Con for those of you who were unfortunate enough to have missed such a fantastic event. I’ll also be posting lots of pictures! Yeah!

For now, I’ll post some pictures of my artist alley table that I had at the convention!


6 thoughts on “The Convention of a Lifetime Has Officially Ended…

  1. dear Emily, Ijust viewed your expierience at the art show and am happy it was a good life encounter for you especially spiritually. My goal is to be your number 1 fan not just because you are so incredibly talented but your passion to excell and do your very best. Love Sammy

  2. hey! you are so lucky! i wish i could have gone! and your artwork is amazing! im totally entering your mopiness of doom contest to show my support
    if Jhonen and crew dont bring the show back after seeing you guy’s work, id throw a steak at Zim’s face…….
    so please bring the show back Jhonen!!!

  3. GOD I HATE MY TOWN! ITS SO BORING! THE ONLY FAMOUS PERSON THAT CAME HERE WAS MR.CAPON -E! You r so lucky to meet the voice of Zim. I saw the video on youtube that u were eating waffles and bacon. Funny stuff there. How can u guys do those animations? And also, I saw the trailer for “Top of the line”. Are you going to make an animation of that? I hope so because I Loooooooove Tak. U guys r the best! Me and my friend K.C. wish dat u were our sister so we can do dat stuff u know what im saying? Well, I have to go 2 my boy friends house to get back together with him! BYE!

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