My Experience At Invader Con: Part 1 – Friday

Heart thumping, thoughts racing, and nervously gripping my invader con tickets, I took my first steps through the hotel entrance Friday evening. My field of vision exploded with green! Gir hats, Zim costumes, and Hot Topic t-shirts filled the lobby as far as the eye could see! Never in my life had I been around any other Invader Zim fans live in person! It overwhelmed me! Getting excited as Gir with a truck full of tacos, I mingled, giggled, and quoted IZ senselessly as I stood in line in the convention hall, waiting for my Invader Con pass.

After what seemed like an eternal wait, the Invader Con staff awarded me my ticket to the glorious weekend to follow. My heart exploded with joy! I ran out of the room like the crazy earth monkey I was (am) and proceeded to the lobby. I proudly held my head up high to show off the little gem hanging loosely around my neck. I felt like a kid experiencing his first Christmas morning.

But that was only the beginning!


I plopped down on one of the lobby cushions and proceeded to sketch random Zimness along with the other artistic group that had gathered there. However, after a bit of time passed, I looked up to see somebody running towards me. No it couldn’t be-! Yes, it was Tallest Sarah! That glorious moment had finally arrived where we two tallests, doomed to live on the opposite sides of the continent, finally met in person! I was so happy to finally meet Sarah, that I transformed into some alternate version of ‘Squishy – hugger of worlds’ and nearly squished the life out of her. Don’t worry – she’s alive. For now. Heh heh.


After that golden moment where Sarah and I met face to face, we hurried over to the line where we would soon be allowed into the VIP ‘Early-Bird’ Event that was to begin at 8pm that evening. Soon the filthy masses were allowed through the main event room’s entrance like cattle through the gateway to a grand, leafy pasture,  and we quickly took our seats, eagerly awaiting the introduction of the stars of Invader Con. Eventually, after nearly exploding from anticipation in our seats, Richard, Andy, Melissa, Rikki, and Eric all gallantly paraded up the stage! The crowd roared! The introductions were made, Richard entertained us with his Zimmy voice, Eric made wise-cracks, and Andy just… stood there (poor Andy – he didn’t know what to think from all of the “WE LOVE YOU DIB!” shout-outs he received). Once the event that made warm and giggly down to our squeedly-spooches ended, we retreated back to the lobby. I then slipped into an empty garbage next to the elevators up to the hotel rooms, silently waiting like a predator for Richard, Andy, or whoever to walk past. My plot failed, as I was soon told by hotel security (that ripped me from the trash) that they had taken a secret elevator up to their top-secret hotel base. Oh boo. I’d try again later.

After going through a horrible 5 minutes in jail, Sarah and I said our good nights, and I turned in for the night. Bwa ha ha, the REAL fun would begin tomorrow…




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