My Experience At Invader Con: Part 3 – Sunday

The final day. After the events of Saturday concluded, I didn’t think the convention could get any better. Yet it did.

After partaking in the “I’m Making Waffles” breakfast Sunday morning, I met up with Sarah (Tallest Sarah of SW) and we managed the artist alley table for a little while longer. Sadly, by this time most of what went on after that is a blur in my memory (I should have written this blog a lot sooner). However, I will never forget 2:13pm. That’s when I had a fateful encounter with Richard Horvitz and Eric Trueheart in the hallway. Be still, my exploding heart. I asked them to come visit the artist alley table where I had all of my artwork set up to see the Mopiness of Doom preview that they had missed at our panel the other day. They kindly agreed to come (so nice!). As our Mopiness of Doom preview played through, I just stood back and stared. I couldn’t get enough of the moment. Richard Horvitz and Eric Trueheart. Standing there personally. Watching OUR animation. I nearly exploded. As the clip played through (and me continuously grinning like a moron), Richard and Eric clearly enjoyed the production. After the clip finished, the two Invader Con celebrities offered us their praise. I told them that I plan on attending school to train as an animator, to which Eric said that I should definitely attend CalArts (if you check out his blog, he even mentioned SoapyWaffles and my goal to attend CalArts. I about died when I saw that, truth-be-told). That little event alone made it worth my trip to Invader Con. But could it get better? OH YES IT COULD!

During the final “Working On Invader Zim” main event, a random fan in the crowd asked the onstage voice-actors (and Eric) “What was your favorite unfinished episode?” They mentioned The Trial, and then Mopiness of Doom… but THEN Richard says “Oh yeah – we just watched that” and goes on to mention Soapy Waffles. There’s a video somewhere on youtube of that… if I find it, I’ll post the link on here. Anyways, that just did it. Invader Con became the best weekend that ever has been and will be of my life. Period.

So after that, a few other things happened. We packed up the artist alley table, watched the ‘farewell’ speech by the voice-actors… and Eric. If Invader Con became the highlight of my life, then leaving it definitely became the worst moment of my entire existence. I said goodbye to my new friends. To the voiceactors. To the random Invader Zim fans that littered the halls. And saddest of all – to Sarah, my best friend who has been by my side, working diligently with me on the Soapy Waffles project. Sarah, I know you’re reading this – just know that I love you and that you are a terrific friend. If nothing else, Invader Con was worth the trip just because I finally got to meet you! I cannot wait to see you again! 😀

Well, that’s it for this Invader Con report. I certainly look forward to posting another blog about the NEXT Invader Con that will happen. I look forward to meeting everyone once more at Invader Con 2: DOOMcon! (if you need more info about DOOMcon, please visit the official Invader Con Facebook page).