Mopiness of Doom: Progress Report (August 2011)

Hey guys! Tallest Rose here with a little update as to how things are going with our production of the Invader Zim episode Mopiness of Doom!

Tallest Rose has at last completed the animatics for the Skool cafeteria scene, and has now moved on to the creation of the backgrounds for the following scene that takes place in the Membrane Labs. Rose will be uploaded a few backgrounds for viewing on the SWdeviant art group soon. Along with the usual work on the episode, Rose is also drafting out an official trailer for Mopiness of Doom, which will be uploaded to the SW youtube channel as soon as it’s complete.

Tallest Sarah, on the otherhand, has been busily humming away at the final leg of animation for the Membrane Kitchen scene. She completed the robotic cat’s transformation sequence (screenshots can be view below), and is now working on a few additional segments of the cat’s ‘attack’ on the Membrane kitchen, which involves blowing things up with its disastrous lasers and narrowly missing Dib and Membrane. Boy, I don’t know how Membrane will manage to clean that mess of a kitchen. Maybe he’ll commission Dib to scrub it clean with a piece of a sponge?

Well that’s all we have to report for now! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Mopiness of Doom: Progress Report (August 2011)

  1. OHMYGOSH It’s early! Now I can leave the hospital cause I shall no longer fear seisures! Anyway, Wow production went fast this month!

    That Syborg kitty looks about ready To Join you in your quest for MIND CONTROLING THE POPULATION OF THE UNIVERSE! YEEES!!! Sweet SLAVES for you!

    And btw episode production, too! ^_^

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