Character Contest Winner’s Guest Appearance!

I WAS going to include this within the Mopiness of Doom progress report, but I thought this deserved an entry all of its own. The winner of our April Character Contest, Kila630, is making an appearance in the episode Mopiness of Doom in the Skool Cafeteria. Here’s a little preview for all of you curious little Irkens out there ;D  In case you didn’t know, Kila630’s character is the girl standing there in the goggles holding the lunch tray. She’s not that half-rabid girl taking up the lower right of the screen. xD

Well, till next time!

-Tallest Rose

Kila630 invader Zim cameo appearance character contest Soapy Waffles

Kila630 has been sighted! GO, POKEBALL!


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