Art Contest: Invader Zim Tshirt Design!

Hey there all of you Invader Zim fans! Ready for another contest? 🙂

So Gir’s in a bit of a bind at the moment. You see, he’s secretly been designing all of the tshirts and such for the popular store Hot Topic (which probably explains all of the Gir, piggy, and the occasional ‘scary monkey’ merchandise). But he’s run out of ideas! He couldn’t get Zim or Dib to help him out, and Nick only writes ‘happy’ on his t-shirt design ideas, so now Gir has come to YOU to help him come up with new t-shirt designs!

So in a nutshell, this is your chance to design your very own Invader Zim t-shirt! Simply download the shirt template available at the bottom of this post, and design away! Once you’ve finished, you can submit your entry to our Deviant Art group or SW Forum gallery starting Monday September 19 until October 23rd.

And now for the rules! (Sorry, but we’ve gotta have ’em!)

1. T-shirt submissions are not limited to artwork designs – even if you simply type in a funny IZ-related phrase/quote on the shirt, that counts as a submission! The only requirement for the contents of the shirt is that the shirt is related to the Invader Zim series.

2. If you do put images on the shirt, they MUST be your own original artwork. You cannot use clip art or other people’s artwork. If this rule is violated, it will result in immediate disqualification.

3. Submissions will only be accepted within our deviant art group or by submitting it to a specific contest folder in our SW forums.

4. A shirt containing profane language or crude imagery within the design will NOT be accepted.

5. There is a limit of 3 submissions per person.

6. The t-shirt image must be saved as either a JPEG or PNG file.

So, curious as to what the prize will be? Well, Gir has offered to trade an unencoded Irken Pak for the first place t-shirt design (an encoded Pak if he can catch Zim by surprise, haha)! Our finalists, as well as the first place winner, will have their shirts featured in a (fake) Hot Topic t-shirt ad, which will then be featured on our website as well as our deviant art featured gallery.

*To receive this prize, you must be able to give us your full name and address in order for us to send you the Pak. Otherwise, we will select a different semi-finalist to receive the first prize, etc. No P.O. box addresses, and the address must be within the United States (excludes Hawaii and Alaska).

T-shirt template: (click black box to view) 

Below are some example of some very basic t-shirt designs (they look rather sloppy because Tallest Rose decided to be lazy… heh heh). But these can give you an idea of what you can do for a t-shirt design:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


11 thoughts on “Art Contest: Invader Zim Tshirt Design!

  1. I would TOTALLY get the blue t-shirt with Zim and Dib in the triangle frames staring eachother down!! GAHHH HOT TOPIC NEEDS TO MAKE STUFF LIKE THIS!

  2. O_O MUST…GET….A TEE SHIRT DESIGNED ON THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I won’t let you down my tallest! 😀
    ~Invader Hope

  3. Hi! They call me Invader BLITZ, Or Skye, or IZFanNumer1, because its true! I am Invader ZIM’s BIGGET FAN YET!!!!!! I mean really, I’m getting a IZ room makeover and dying my hair purple with green streaks!!!!! Can wait to enter yourcontest! I’m ready to send in my submission! BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!! BTW: thanks for bringing thehw back. 😀

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