Art Contest: Invader Zim Tshirt Design!

Hey there all of you Invader Zim fans! Ready for another contest? 🙂

So Gir’s in a bit of a bind at the moment. You see, he’s secretly been designing all of the tshirts and such for the popular store Hot Topic (which probably explains all of the Gir, piggy, and the occasional ‘scary monkey’ merchandise). But he’s run out of ideas! He couldn’t get Zim or Dib to help him out, and Nick only writes ‘happy’ on his t-shirt design ideas, so now Gir has come to YOU to help him come up with new t-shirt designs!

So in a nutshell, this is your chance to design your very own Invader Zim t-shirt! Simply download the shirt template available at the bottom of this post, and design away! Once you’ve finished, you can submit your entry to our Deviant Art group or SW Forum gallery starting Monday September 19 until October 23rd.

And now for the rules! (Sorry, but we’ve gotta have ’em!)

1. T-shirt submissions are not limited to artwork designs – even if you simply type in a funny IZ-related phrase/quote on the shirt, that counts as a submission! The only requirement for the contents of the shirt is that the shirt is related to the Invader Zim series.

2. If you do put images on the shirt, they MUST be your own original artwork. You cannot use clip art or other people’s artwork. If this rule is violated, it will result in immediate disqualification.

3. Submissions will only be accepted within our deviant art group or by submitting it to a specific contest folder in our SW forums.

4. A shirt containing profane language or crude imagery within the design will NOT be accepted.

5. There is a limit of 3 submissions per person.

6. The t-shirt image must be saved as either a JPEG or PNG file.

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Updates Coming to Soapy Waffles

Greetings! Tallest Rose here! I hope you all are well!

Brain worms... going... to mush...

These days, things couldn’t be busier. It was just two months ago that I walked away from a school podium, a newly celebrated Highschool graduate. Now I’m pushing forward full steam ahead towards college, which starts in exactly one month from today. I couldn’t be more excited about it, even with all of the work involved!

Despite this, I still have (and always will) invest every spare moment I have into the production of the Invader Zim episode Mopiness of Doom. And then second to that, I’ve put in much time into organizing and operating the entire SW organization. It’s tough work, but it’s a lot of fun!

Well, after boring you with a bunch of stuff about me, continue on below to read about some updates and cool stuff coming to SW!

First of all, we have two new blog authors for the SW blog! Please welcome “Invader Stick” and “Invdrdana”! They are two wonderful writers, and they will be posting periodic articles about various topics of the Invader Zim world. Later today, Stick will be posting an interesting article he composed concerning the topic of Invader Zim pairings. I hope the post will delight, horrify, and disturbingly entertain you.

Next up, I have an exciting bit of news. I can’t say too much right now, but we will be hosting yet another art contest! Stay tuned for more details and information about this contest in the VERY near future! Meanwhile, better start sharpening those pencils!

Another little update is the Facebook page. I have started adding artwork created by our SW forum members to its photo album. Please see this forum post for more information.

Lastly, because everyone’s been asking for it, I’ve begun work on a tutorial for how to draw Invader Zim characters. I hope my methods for learning the Invader Zim (Jhonen) style will assist you all on your noble quest to draw endless pictures of Gir munching on cupcakes. As if Hot Topic hasn’t already given us our fill of all things Gir. Anyways, when the tutorial is complete, it will be released in our SW deviantart group! Keep an eye out for it in the following weeks!

There will be other miscellaneous updates made to Soapy Waffles, such as group appearances, graphics, and other small stuff. But you’ll have to discover those updates for yourself. Just think of it as a fun game of ‘Find-It’!

Well, that’s all I have for now. If I come across any other major updates that I forgot to include in this post, I’ll be sure to update this blog article. Thank you for reading!

Tallest Rose, signing off!

We have a winner! The Mopiness of Doom character contest has successfully concluded!

Congratulations entry number #24 – 630Kila – the winner of the Mopiness of Doom character contest! Her character will make a cameo appearance in our current Invader Zim episode production “Mopiness of Doom”! Our other four finalists will be featured at the end of the Mopiness of Doom episode. Thank you to everyone who participated!

soapy waffles character contest winners announcement

An illustration sketched out by Tallest Rose. The character's appearances are based upon the original design submissions by the finalists.

Below are the original character submissions by our finalists!