Mopiness of Doom: Progress as of September 15th

Hello everyone! Tallest Rose here again to give you a little update as to how our progress in production of Mopiness of Doom is coming along!

We’re still doing the usual, me working on the Membrane Labs and Zim house scenes, while Sarah cleans up the animation for the Skool cafeteria scene. However, we’re putting most of our effort (for the next two weeks) into a semi-secret project… I can guaranteed that you’ll like what we’re going to show you this October. But until then, I’m afraid I can’t say more!

I apologize for the short post, but I’m rather busy at the moment. Later when I get a chance, I’ll post some new screenshots!

Til next time!

-Tallest Rose


Character Contest Winner’s Guest Appearance!

I WAS going to include this within the Mopiness of Doom progress report, but I thought this deserved an entry all of its own. The winner of our April Character Contest, Kila630, is making an appearance in the episode Mopiness of Doom in the Skool Cafeteria. Here’s a little preview for all of you curious little Irkens out there ;D  In case you didn’t know, Kila630’s character is the girl standing there in the goggles holding the lunch tray. She’s not that half-rabid girl taking up the lower right of the screen. xD

Well, till next time!

-Tallest Rose

Kila630 invader Zim cameo appearance character contest Soapy Waffles

Kila630 has been sighted! GO, POKEBALL!

Mopiness of Doom: Progress Report (August 2011)

Hey guys! Tallest Rose here with a little update as to how things are going with our production of the Invader Zim episode Mopiness of Doom!

Tallest Rose has at last completed the animatics for the Skool cafeteria scene, and has now moved on to the creation of the backgrounds for the following scene that takes place in the Membrane Labs. Rose will be uploaded a few backgrounds for viewing on the SWdeviant art group soon. Along with the usual work on the episode, Rose is also drafting out an official trailer for Mopiness of Doom, which will be uploaded to the SW youtube channel as soon as it’s complete.

Tallest Sarah, on the otherhand, has been busily humming away at the final leg of animation for the Membrane Kitchen scene. She completed the robotic cat’s transformation sequence (screenshots can be view below), and is now working on a few additional segments of the cat’s ‘attack’ on the Membrane kitchen, which involves blowing things up with its disastrous lasers and narrowly missing Dib and Membrane. Boy, I don’t know how Membrane will manage to clean that mess of a kitchen. Maybe he’ll commission Dib to scrub it clean with a piece of a sponge?

Well that’s all we have to report for now! Thanks for reading!

Interview with a Food Service Drone

Transmission: [Encrypted]
Originator: Invader Stick
PAK Code: 061<scrambled>42
Subject: Interview with a Food Service Drone

To those Irkens Worthy Enough to Receive this Transmission:

I, Invader Stick, have recently had the “pleasure” of interacting with those members of our Society who are referred to as “Food Service Drones.” Due to a variety of factors that make them not awesome enough to be a distinguished member of the “Invader” class of Irkens, their PAKs have been encoded so as to assign them the honor of serving those of us who are actually worth something in life. Their days are long, greasy, and full of smelly smells that make the squeedly spooch quiver in an unnatural manner, yet their services provide nourishment to the glorious Armada to ensure that the Irken Military does not conquer the universe on an empty stomach.

In this transmission, I will present to you an interview with one of these Food Serve Service Drones so that some light can be shed on their pitiful yet essential existence. Also, I stabbed one in the eye with a spork because he messed up my order, and so this interview was also conducted as part of my “anger management therapy.”

The interview can be found below:

Invader Stick: Hello, Food Service Drone. Do you have anything to say before we formally start this interview?

Food Service Drone: I lost an eye because of you!

Invader Stick: You’ve still got another one, stop complaining! Now, the first question I have is…

Food Service Drone: My eye!

Invader Stick: SILENCE! Now, first question: Where do you conduct your daily Food Service duties?

Food Service Drone: I work at Shloogorgh’s Flavor Monster on Planet Foodcourtia. We were voted the #1 restaurant to dine at during the last Great Foodening!

Invader Stick: That sounds very interesting.

Food Service Drone: You don’t look very interested.

Invader Stick: That’s because I was lying. Next question: Why are you so horrible at your job?

Food Service Drone: I’m horrible at MY job? What’s an “Invader” doing writing transmissions, anyway? I doubt you’ve even conquered a single planet!

Invader Stick: I’ll have you know that I single-handedly conquered Planet Forgon in less than three hours. THREE HOURS! I am the greatest Invader OF ALL TIME!

Food Service Drone: “Planet Forgon?” I’ve never even heard of tha…

Invader Stick: I will be asking the questions here!

Food Service Drone: That wasn’t really a question, though.

Invader Stick: I SAID I WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS! Now, next question: What does a typical day in the life of a Food Service Slave entail?

Food Service Drone: That’s “Drone,” not, “Slave.”

Invader Stick: I fail to see a difference.

Food Service Drone: I get paid for my job! Slaves don’t get paid.

Invader Stick: That’s what they WANT you to think.

Food Service Drone: That doesn’t make any…oh, forget it. Anyway, my shift starts a couple of hours before the lunch rush, so once I report to work I start chopping and preparing the meat to be thrown into the fryer. That usually takes an hour, and then once that’s done I throw everything into the fryer and let the grease cook it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I take it out, and repeat the process a few more times before I finally move to the register to deal with the customers.

Invader Stick: What a sickening existence. How have you not bludgeoned yourself to death yet?

Food Service Drone: You know, some people actually ENJOY doing this kind of stuff.

Invader Stick: They must be borderline Defective, then. Moving on to the next question: What miserable and pathetic qualities do you possess that make you uniquely suited for this lowly existence of making barely edible foodstuffs?

Food Service Drone: Well, as you know, every Irken Smeet is attached to a PAK upon its creation. This PAK is then encoded to perform the task that the Irken is deemed most suitable for. Because of my love of food and enhanced sense of smell, I was encoded with the position of “Food Service Drone.”

Invader Stick: “Love of food and sense of smell?” No, I’m pretty sure you were forced into this sub-par position because you are tiny, fragile, and lack any sort of intelligence whatsoever.

Food Service Drone: Hey, you have to be really smart to do my job!

Invader Stick: Then WHY did you mess up my order?

Food Service Drone: I didn’t! You ordered extra crispy, I gave you extra crispy!

Invader Stick: I did no such thing!

Food Service Drone: It’s on your receipt!

Invader Stick: YOU LIE!

Food Service Drone: I have a copy right here, see?

Invader Stick: I will not look at your lying paper of filth and lies!

Food Service Drone: That’s because you know you’re wrong.

Invader Stick: You dare to question me?! THAT’S IT! Where’s my spork?!

Food Service Drone: Hey! Get away from……seriously! That really hur……AH! THE PAIN! THE P……WHY AM I BURNING?! I CAN’T SEE ANYTHI…….


[Transmission Lost. Encrypted Transmission Ended]

Announcements to the Irken Armada

Transmission: [Encrypted]

Originator: Invader Stick

PAK Code: 061<scrambled>42

Subject: Announcements

To the Mighty and Awesome Irken Armada:

The following are announcements of interest I have been instructed to disseminate amongst the entire Irken Armada. They were originally supposed to be transmitted by a different Irken, but that individual cut in front of me in the lunch line and I was forced to throw him into a vat of hot grease to teach him a lesson. Therefore, I have been assigned to transmit the announcements until the line-cutter recovers from his burns.

The announcements of interest for the Irken Armada are as follows:

  1. All Megadoomer orders are hereby cancelled until further notice, due to complaints of various power issues and glitches in the robot’s cloaking ability. No refunds will be issued. Those who insist on receiving a refund are directed to jump into a pit of molten lava.

  2. Shloogorgh’s Flavor Monster restaurant on Planet Foodcourtia is now accepting applications for Food Service Drone positions. Those seeking employment at Shloogorgh’s are urged to apply immediately, as positions are expected to fill up fast. A 20% bonus is offered for those willing to work during the next Great Foodening.

  3. To the owner of the blue and gold Voot Cruiser that is parked illegally in front of the snack stand on Planet Conventia: You have eight minutes to move your vehicle before it is exploded, and your own innards are disemboweled. HURRY UP AND MOVE IT, FILTHY SNACK BLOCKER!

  4. All Irkens are reminded that engaging in acts of friendship with lesser species is strictly forbidden, unless it is part of a sanctioned Invader mission. Further violations of this directive will result in re-assignment to Planet Dirt.

  5. The new season of “Ultimate Survivor: Planet Blorch Edition” will begin airing next week at 8:00PM.

  6. Invaders assigned to Operation <transmission scrambled> are urged to don your protective plastic outerwear and meet at Planet <transmission scrambled> for enhanced training. Failure to complete the training will result in instant banishment to Planet Hurtia.

That is all of the announcements of interest for this week. Praise be to the Almighty Tallest and the Magnificent Irken Armada! Invader Stick, out.

[Encrypted Transmission Ended]