We have a winner! The Mopiness of Doom character contest has successfully concluded!

Congratulations entry number #24 – 630Kila – the winner of the Mopiness of Doom character contest! Her character will make a cameo appearance in our current Invader Zim episode production “Mopiness of Doom”! Our other four finalists will be featured at the end of the Mopiness of Doom episode. Thank you to everyone who participated!

soapy waffles character contest winners announcement

An illustration sketched out by Tallest Rose. The character's appearances are based upon the original design submissions by the finalists.

Below are the original character submissions by our finalists!


Mopiness of Doom: Our Current Production Progress (as of June 13th)

Greetings, my friends! What a lovely Monday it is today! Now, I’m not one to write long, boring blocks of text, so I’ll keep this blog post short and sweet 😉

So currently we’ve been heavily working on the scene following the introduction of the episode, which depicts Dib’s troubled state and him seeking some fatherly advice from Professor Membrane. Of course we all know that any advice HE could offer has almost everything to do with ‘REAL’ science (which will become obvious when this episode becomes public, ha ha).

Membrane: ..................................... REAL SCIENCE!

At this moment, Sarah has been completing the final animation work for the scene, while I finish up with some last minute animation adjustments to Membrane’s experimental cat, as well as complete some needed backgrounds. Membrane’s kitchen is a monster of a setting, as the detailing of the scene overwhelms my brain. To make matters even worse, the wonderful production team who originally worked on the official Invader Zim episodes thought it humorous to completely confuse us by changing the layout and appearance of the kitchen WITH EVERY EPISODE (just compare the Membrane kitchen in The Nightmare Begins with the TAK episode and Gaz Taster of Pork episode and you’ll see what I mean). THAT was a frustrating problem to work out. Nonetheless, we worked through it, and now we’re almost finished with this heckuva scene. Yes!

Lastly, some information that might actually interest the general Zim-fan populace, I am currently planning an official trailer for Mopiness of Doom. If all goes well with planning, we could have it done by summer’s end (no promises though).

Well, until next time! Now I’m off to study legitimate science! …yes, burning toast IS science! You dare question me?!?!?!