The Invader Con Experience: Prologue

Hello all! As some of you may know, I just returned from Invader Con, the ultimate most AMAZING convention that had ever took place on the surface of our miserable planet! Not even a convention on planet Irk could be better! (but it’d be pretty darn close) I felt extremely fortunate that I attended the con, and have the most amazing experience (and birthday celebration) of my life while I was at it! Thank you all who attended my artist alley table and bought my artwork! That money is going to go towards my tuition for college next year! As Richard Horvitz said to me, “GO TO CALARTS!” Gotta obey Zim, right? Ha ha! Anyways, I was so happy to meet everyone that I did at Invader Con! I hope your experience at Invader Con was as good, if not better, than mine! Woo, Invader Con ROCKS!

Sadly, not every Invader Zim fan who dwells on the surface of this ‘giant ball of dirt’ could not attend the event. Whether it be the hard economical times, sickness, distance, or even just not knowing about it, many dedicated fans had to miss the incredible event. I believe I could safely say that Invader Con only represented a mere fraction of the thousands – no, probably MILLIONS of Invader Zim fans in existence, and most of them could not be there at the con! However, as of today, I’ll be posting detailed depictions of each day of the general con overviews and my own personal experience with Invader Con, as well as videos and photos, so I hope that will at least make up for 0.000000001% of the loss!

Stay tuned for blog posts to come! First up will be “The Invader Con Experience: Part 1 – Friday!” It’ll be up soon!




Oh my goodness, it’s only been Friday, and this event is ALREADY amazing beyond comprehension. Consider my mind BLOWN.

There was an exclusive VIP panel last evening for those who preregistered for tickets online, so Sarah and I got to attend. The main cast of Invader Zim voice actors all took the stage and caused our filthy human noise tubes to laugh and scream at the very site at them. Wicked.

By the way, for those who made it to the livestream last night at 9pm, well, you didn’t miss anything. The livestream didn’t work! I’m afraid our webcam was MIA (missing in action), and thus, dashed our plans for having a super awesome livestream. If possible, I’ll try to mooch a webcam off of some random pitiful fool to use for a livestream during the con. Chances are slim, but, who knows? At the very least, I’ll keep you guys up to date with what goes on each day.

Well, gotta go get registered for my artist alley table! I’ll be sure to post pics of my display later! ^_^

Tallest Rose, signing off!

Soapy Waffles Livestream info!

As you probably saw on our youtube channel, we’ll be broadcasting live from the Invader Con hotel Friday night at 9pm (EST)! Be sure to refer back to this blog for updates, as I’ll be posting additional broadcast times, schedule changes, and what-not.

In addition, I’ll be posting updates to our Soapy Waffles twitter account as to what’s going on during Invader Con!

If you can’t make it to the Invader Con yourself, then don’t miss this!

Twitter account:!/soapy_waffles

Youtube account:

Livestream Channel:

Invader Con is only DAYS away now…

…and I can tell because my nerves are SHOT. I’ve been working like a mad-girl, scrambling to pull together all of the content and event line-up for our Soapy Waffles panel. On top of it all, I’m hosting my own table at the Invader Con’s artist alley. WOO! Even though this is a lot of work, I-AM-SO-PUMPED! I cannot WAIT for the con! Especially since it’s also my 18th birthday~ I’ve never been so excited in my life! Yay~ If possible, I’m going to get Richard (voice of Zim) to sing happy birthday to me in his amaaaazing Zim voice!!! Maybe he’ll even call me a pig-smelly…-explodes with joy-

Well, that be all for now. Oh, and just a quick note to my cricket-filled audience – I won’t be frequent with blog updates until after the con. So for now, there will be minimal action here until April. Later! ^_^

-Tallest Rose, signing off